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My name is Robert Elsinga, born in 1967, licensed Harec/CEPT Full in september 2012. This was long overdue, since I already had an interrest in HAM radio when I was 20 or so. But then I was a student without much money, was drafted and served in the dutch army (as a computer programmer in a civilian part of the army, luckily), got a girlfriend (which now is my ex-wife) and a job, got married, wanted to save money to buy a house, got some kids... Sounds familiar, huh? But now at last I got my license and a HAM radio station. =8-)

My main interests are Scouting (as in boy scouts), reading, all things about communications (HAM radio, scanner listening and VOIP/POTS telephony to name a few) and sport shooting. I am single/divorced and have two kids, Femke and Sander. 

Besides being a HAM I am also quite active in Scouting (see my Scouting resumé here). So it is no surprise that the JOTA is also a part of this site. ;)

If you want to know more, you will have to catch me on air sometimes, feel free to ask anything you like. I may even answer the questions. =8-)